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Super Specials


Up to 30% off all superseded kids bikes.

All kids bikes come fully assembled - no dramas for Xmas morning!

Where we are

478 Whitehorse Road
Mitcham Victoria 3132

Phone : 03 9874 8033
Email :
Our normal opening hours are :
Monday to Thursday : 9am to 5:30pm
Friday : 9am to 6:30pm
Saturday : 9am to 4pm

Body Geometry FIT:

after hours by appointment


Specialized bikes

What we think about Specialized bikes and why we stock them

Specialized make some of the best road bikes in the world.

So they're top class road bikes. This is no secret. What else makes them great?

Lifetime warranty. Specialized's quality control and manufacturing methods are world class, which means Specialized are happy to provide you with a lifetime frame warranty, and they've been around for long enough and will be around for long enough to make this a warranty worth having.

Crash damage replacement policy. Crash a Specialized, and you get a replacement at a significant discount. Just make sure you keep the old one so we can return it to Specialized for you.

The ride. The geometry - it works. It handles like a road bike should. From the entry level roadies right through to the top of the line S-Works, they have the same proven geometry. Comfortable for all day, fast, stiff and light.

They also make a great lineup of mountainbikes, from the entry level hardtails to supurb dualies, they have a mountainbike to suit you.

Their range of fitness, urban and hybrid/city bikes is one we're proud to recommend to city riders, tourers and bike track riders.  They all have the lifetime warranty.  They all ride like a bike should ride.

Don't take our word for it though, come in and talk to us about them, and take some for a test ride.  You'll be thrilled.  Specialized bikes are great.  We own them, ride them, race them, commute on them and we love them!


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